Unlock Your Creativity

Learn how to break free of your creative chains and explore a new experimental side to your sketching.

Hey sketchy friend,

Do you want to take your sketching further?

Do you feel like you’re stuck in a rut with your sketching?

Are you bored of slavishly trying to copy what you see in front of you?

Do you want to inject more personality into your sketching?

Do you want to reach FAR beyond that and take your experimentation to the next level?

This is exactly how I felt.

I have developed this technique to unlock the creativity inside; to go wild on the page; to truly let loose and just make marks inspired by the surrounding environment.

This has been an essential revelation in my journey of recording my surroundings. I really want to share this technique with you too, so you may experience the sense of freedom this sketching process has given me.




Learn how to disconnect from the logical, literal part of your brain.
I’ll teach you how to:

  • Pre-prepare abstract backgrounds, including things to try and what to look out for
  • Choose and compose your scene, including which background to pick
  • Use a variety of processes in which to sketch your scene on location from beginning to end

It’s time to free yourself from conventional sketching!

Module #1 – Introduction

Find out how this course can help you break free of your creative limitations, what and who inspired this technique as well as what art supplies you need (spoiler: anything you have lying around)!

Module #2 – The Backgrounds

Learn to prepare multiple abstract watercolour backgrounds from start to finish as well as the secrets to creating a successful background

Module #3 – The Garden

Let’s get out there! Our first sketch. We keep it close to home and venture out into the garden.

Module #4 – The Park

We’ll go park ourselves in the park(!) and learn to sketch a nature scene.

Module #5 – The Square

Time for architecture – let’s break out of the box by sketching in the square!

Module #6 – The Heritage House

Our final module finds us outside a gorgeous heritage house in the north of Johannesburg.

As you can see, this course is packed full of valuable essentials and bonuses to help you elevate your sketches and truly embrace artistic interpretation! All with a step by step system you can easily replicate.

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